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Our Deer Fence is GREAT for any Enclosure!

Benner's Gardens, the Original Deer Fence Company, has been selling deer fencing systems for over 20 years.  Our fencing is manufactured from the highest quality materials and provides you with maximum flexibility, strength and durability. The UV-treated, black polypropylene mesh (1.75" x 1.75" openings) attaches easily to trees or to Benner's Posts for superior protection from destructive deer.  

Our deer fence kits come complete with everything you need for installation. One installed, the fence is virtually invisible and blends into your landscape, unlike galvanized or chain link fencing. We offer our standard 80 gram heavy duty Advantage Fence and our top-of-the-line 110 gram Advantage Plus fence in a variety of sizes and lengths to accommodate all of your fencing needs.

Advantage Fencing - PDF Spec Sheet

Advantage Plus Fencing - PDF Spec Sheet

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4' Deer Fence Roll
$79.00 - $179.00
5' Deer Fence Roll
$99.00 - $229.00
6' Deer Fence Roll
$109.00 - $229.00
7.5' Deer Fence Roll
$119.00 - $329.00
8' Deer Fence Roll
$149.00 - $359.00

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